My new “old” cameras

The news today is that I am finally getting a new “old” camera. Several in fact: one Zenit (35mm), two Kodak (still don’t know which type exactly) and one Lubitel 166b (6×6; 6×4.5 and 35mm). il_340x270.569029441_ilvn

photo from internet (not sure if this is exactly like the one I will have) 

It will take some weeks before they arrive and am I excited! – you have no idea… lubitel166b

photo from internet 

2 thoughts on “My new “old” cameras

  1. Good luck with your new acquisitions. I was pins and needles waiting for my Hasselblad from Ebay. I hope to see your wonderful images soon taken with your new OLD cameras.


    1. Wow! I am already saving for a Hasselblad 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment – I’ll defo post something as soon as I have the first photos. For now – waiting… 🙂


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