Wedding in the Tythe Barn, Bicester, Oxford – I

It is now official and every member of the wedding party has seen the photos, so there they go officially on my blog. To all people who do not know the beginning of the story:

I was a second photographer to this perfect, sweet and absolutely lovely wedding. Daniel (and by the way although all photos here are taken by me, it is Daniel’s editing on them – my version will come later) was the main photographer and the newly weds – Aimie and Nick – lovely couple with lovely families and lovely friends. So for me this was the wedding of all weddings (to misquote R. Kipling), the wedding that will define all future wedding, a standard and an anchor (in the sense of Tversky and Kahneman anchor) – in other words very very important wedding for me as a photographer. And I am happy that it was Aimie and Nick.

So here is my point of view of the wedding – I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

PS More photos to come soon

PPS  Photo of Aimie and Nick is already available on this blog – home page – link to weddings











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