A little preview

A little preview into the July wedding.

My particularly favourite – the third from the top – you can see almost every important person of this wedding, only the groom is missing.

It is a bit of ‘Where is Wally” type of photo though – but look and thou shall find…








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7 thoughts on “A little preview

  1. Some excellent photos, Regina! I agree with you, the third image in is my favourite, too! Love the vibrancy on that one. Next would be the little girl and her grandfather(?) – such a touching photo.


      1. I think what draws me into these two frames the most is your approach appears to be a lot more candid than many wedding photographers. Those two especially remind me of street photos, which is appealing – and unique. Well done.


      2. I love it when people do not pose – you get them at their very own place in time – you know the feeling.

        If you ever find a way towards Cambridge (UK), stop by – there are some interesting buskers that you may find quite a subject! I am now looking at your cars and wonder how were you able to get a personality out of them

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      3. Sometimes it’s necessary, but when it comes to weddings and events where people are more likely to be a bit (or a lot!) stressed out – having them pose just adds more for them to worry about. I’m enjoying going through your work.

        As for the Cuba car photos – it’s such a great place and nearly everything there drips with personality. It’s a joy to shoot street in that country!

        The UK is definitely on my list of places to go! The list keeps growing haha. Likewise, if you’re ever in this part of Canada; let me know. A word of caution, stay away during the frigid winter months!! 😉


      4. To quote James Bond (or the movie) – the world is not enough.

        Cold is not my favourite, but I love going places so it wouldn’t stop me. There is a city in Canada called Regina – always wanted to see it – just for fun 😉


      5. Ha, yes. Regina Saskatchewan 🙂 The city where I was born is about 30 minutes away from Regina. You would most certainly have to get a photo beside the sign entering the city!

        I’m running through all my favourite Bond films trying to come up with a good quote! No such luck, which is bizarre because I’m a massive 007 fan!


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