Bride’s dress

I do enjoy working on this wedding





Lucky coincidence

Maybe it was a lucky coincidence that exactly opposite the hair salon where the bride was getting ready, there was a wedding gowns shop – it suddenly gave a context to this photo of the bride’s preparations…


Or am I just good at spotting things?… 😉



Jockey Club Rooms

The Jockey Club Rooms (perfect wedding venue!) is a treasure cove of the old and the not-so-old, but always built with a purpose and meant to last. I couldn’t help to wonder is this chest did not contain information dating back few centuries. I did not open it – maybe I should have…





The Jockey Club Rooms Wedding – continued

Being on holiday is nice. But is also nice being back and slowly getting back to your routine. Continuing work on Karen and Steve’s wedding (below is a recent one) and looking forward to starting the new term in college – am I going to have some really talented students again this year? Yes, pretty sure there will be a few…