More on Halloween

Halloween party at the church and I got introduced to several Batmen,  2 Spidermen, Elsa from Frozen, 3 skeletons (one obviously liked sweets a lot) and a flock (?) of cats, most of them branded, if you know what I mean…

My son was the only vampire, I was a witch and vampire mummy – I will try not to go into lengthy explanations how can I be both; enough to say that since it is Halloween I am allowed to be both.

I must also say that the pumpkin carries a hidden message – some of you might guess. Me and my friend did not agree. And, trust me, she has the right not to






Deviating from the brief

So the brief was to take photographs of Newmarket and its historic buildings. But the truth is Newmarket is jammed by all traffic coming from the A14 and all cars coming on the weekend for the races. And this is what you get to see from the historic buildings most of them, by the way, turned into restaurants, coffee shops and betting shops.

I love Newmarket, but it is about time that this traffic issue is addressed




Newmarket Clock Tower

October 2014

Newmarket, Suffolk