Cromer 2016

On the way to the fish and chips place…




The shot from the side

As usual, thoroughly enjoyed working around the May Balls in Cambridge. This one is from St. Andrew’s College Summer Ball


Cambridge, 2016

In Bristol

This is a blog that I enjoy very much reading. I hope you will too


Delivering Northabout to Bristol


Hi, I’ve finally got Dad off the phone for long enough to get the laptop off him, so here’s instalment two. You know how I said yesterday was a long tiring day? Yeah, well, its got nothing on today. After I finished writing to you, best beloved. I managed to get to bed at midnight, just in time for a full nights sleep before I got up again, at four thirty. We immediately got underway to just round the corner to a nice little town called Portishead at six. We commenced the daily sorting out of the boat and then stopped at nine, for breakfast. After that we continued work until four pm. We then lleft the harbour and motored down to Bristol by six. Details will follow. The early morning was fairly smooth. We had no real hiccups on the way to Portishead. When we…

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