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A short survey on selfies 

Hi all. I have a short survey on selfies which is part of my dissertation research. I would appreciate it if you take 2 minutes to do the survey. It is anonymous, it is easy and you all take selfies 🙂 Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

Tulips II

Part two of the experiment with the tulips. I did not want to loose the flowers – tulips are my favourite and this bunch was my Valentine’s Day flowers…

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Off-camera flash 

In this impromptu photo session, I used an off-camera flash with a standard soft box. We took all pictures at home, just before dinner in a very small area, using a black pop up background.

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Behind the scenes – Elizabeth Dickens Veils photo shoot 

While shooting, I am usually so into the set up and the details that I often forget to do the behind the scenes shots and video. Yesterday was no different – it was only towards the end of the photo shoot that I remembered.

We were shooting again at the lovely Hockwold Hall on the border between Suffolk and Norwich. And the weather behaved beautifully for this time of the year! For the majority of photos I used the natural light coming from the big marquee windows.

This is Elizabeth Dickens Veils new collection of bridal veils and, oh my, are they beautiful! Nina from Elizabeth Dickens designs all Veils and they are all manufactured in Soham – just outside Cambridge and Newmarket.

We worked with two gorgeous models – Grace and Kathryn, had beautiful flower arrangements and bridal bouquet from Sally and hair and makeup by Julie. I will soon properly credit everyone as the team was absolutely brilliant.

Elizabeth Dickens Veils – behind the scenes
Elizabeth Dickens Veils – behind the scenes
Elizabeth Dickens Veils – behind the scenes


Elizabeth Dickens Veils – Behind the scenes
Elizabeth Dickens Veils – behind the scenes

In Bristol

This is a blog that I enjoy very much reading. I hope you will too


Delivering Northabout to Bristol


Hi, I’ve finally got Dad off the phone for long enough to get the laptop off him, so here’s instalment two. You know how I said yesterday was a long tiring day? Yeah, well, its got nothing on today. After I finished writing to you, best beloved. I managed to get to bed at midnight, just in time for a full nights sleep before I got up again, at four thirty. We immediately got underway to just round the corner to a nice little town called Portishead at six. We commenced the daily sorting out of the boat and then stopped at nine, for breakfast. After that we continued work until four pm. We then lleft the harbour and motored down to Bristol by six. Details will follow. The early morning was fairly smooth. We had no real hiccups on the way to Portishead. When we…

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Photography research project 

I am presenting my photography research project on identities this Friday, 6th May at the photography research seminar, Anglia Ruskin University WEB002. It is a free entry with light buffet. For more information visit



Hi everyone! I am presently working on a project on identity and I am looking for all kinds of people willing to take a part. The only conditions are:
– You have to be over 18
– You have to be/live/work in a reasonable distance from Cambridge
– You have to be ready to sign a model release (the model release is available to download from my website)

Here is a link to the project:

Or email me for more info:

My 15min of fame

And here I am – supporting students when they go on a work experience in the local paper. In my defence – I had no idea that this will be published. No regrets – it is just a bit not true. I had to go with ‘shopping’ on the guilty pleasure, because addiction to legal smokeable substances would not have been appropriate.

Photo courtesy of Mark. And many thanks to him too, for keeping it for two months and managing to scan it and email it to me. Otherwise I would have never seen it.

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