Behind the scenes – Elizabeth Dickens Veils photo shoot 

While shooting, I am usually so into the set up and the details that I often forget to do the behind the scenes shots and video. Yesterday was no different – it was only towards the end of the photo shoot that I remembered.

We were shooting again at the lovely Hockwold Hall on the border between Suffolk and Norwich. And the weather behaved beautifully for this time of the year! For the majority of photos I used the natural light coming from the big marquee windows.

This is Elizabeth Dickens Veils new collection of bridal veils and, oh my, are they beautiful! Nina from Elizabeth Dickens designs all Veils and they are all manufactured in Soham – just outside Cambridge and Newmarket.

We worked with two gorgeous models – Grace and Kathryn, had beautiful flower arrangements and bridal bouquet from Sally and hair and makeup by Julie. I will soon properly credit everyone as the team was absolutely brilliant.

Elizabeth Dickens Veils – behind the scenes
Elizabeth Dickens Veils – behind the scenes
Elizabeth Dickens Veils – behind the scenes


Elizabeth Dickens Veils – Behind the scenes
Elizabeth Dickens Veils – behind the scenes

Elizabeth Dickens Veils

Continued: Elizabeth Dickens Veils Photoshoot








Boy with Balloons

I must say that I did not ask him to release the balloons.

I saw him standing with his hair on fire and took the first photo. He saw the camera and without moving otherwise, released the balloons with that devilish look in his eyes and making sure that I am taking photos.

The last one is my absolute favourite – that raised finger pointed at the balloons is such a statement!

Boy with Balloons

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Mathematical Bridge

Queens’ College Cambridge

Scouting locations for a wedding in Cambridge is the best day to spend the day


Lucky coincidence

Maybe it was a lucky coincidence that exactly opposite the hair salon where the bride was getting ready, there was a wedding gowns shop – it suddenly gave a context to this photo of the bride’s preparations…


Or am I just good at spotting things?… 😉



Jockey Club Rooms

The Jockey Club Rooms (perfect wedding venue!) is a treasure cove of the old and the not-so-old, but always built with a purpose and meant to last. I couldn’t help to wonder is this chest did not contain information dating back few centuries. I did not open it – maybe I should have…





The Jockey Club Rooms Wedding – continued

Being on holiday is nice. But is also nice being back and slowly getting back to your routine. Continuing work on Karen and Steve’s wedding (below is a recent one) and looking forward to starting the new term in college – am I going to have some really talented students again this year? Yes, pretty sure there will be a few…


Karen & Steve’s Wedding

Karen & Steve’s lovely wedding at the Jockey Club Rooms


21 Aug 2014, Newmarket





Another wedding project on the way to the newlywed couple

I have really enjoyed working on that wedding – I can only hope it shows…







A little preview

A little preview into the July wedding.

My particularly favourite – the third from the top – you can see almost every important person of this wedding, only the groom is missing.

It is a bit of ‘Where is Wally” type of photo though – but look and thou shall find…








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Purple Fairies in a green garden

Quick glance in Paula & Gareth’s weeding photos and you can see the purple fairies going about their fairies’ business in the beautiful garden.




Photo Bomb

Are you looking at the couple or the guy behind them?




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