AXIS – MA Interim Show Cambridge School of Art

Join us for the interim show and the PhD Research show THEOREM 




First solo exhibition… Exciting!


Mill Road Winter Fair 2016

The Mill Road Winter Fair 2016 / Cambridge  – The event in Photos







Hi everyone! I am presently working on a project on identity and I am looking for all kinds of people willing to take a part. The only conditions are:
– You have to be over 18
– You have to be/live/work in a reasonable distance from Cambridge
– You have to be ready to sign a model release (the model release is available to download from my website)

Here is a link to the project:

Or email me for more info:

Boy with Balloons

I must say that I did not ask him to release the balloons.

I saw him standing with his hair on fire and took the first photo. He saw the camera and without moving otherwise, released the balloons with that devilish look in his eyes and making sure that I am taking photos.

The last one is my absolute favourite – that raised finger pointed at the balloons is such a statement!

Boy with Balloons

You can see more of my work here: 

Mathematical Bridge

Queens’ College Cambridge

Scouting locations for a wedding in Cambridge is the best day to spend the day


My 15min of fame

And here I am – supporting students when they go on a work experience in the local paper. In my defence – I had no idea that this will be published. No regrets – it is just a bit not true. I had to go with ‘shopping’ on the guilty pleasure, because addiction to legal smokeable substances would not have been appropriate.

Photo courtesy of Mark. And many thanks to him too, for keeping it for two months and managing to scan it and email it to me. Otherwise I would have never seen it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 20.50.43